Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pump Track update - more dirt!

Thanks to Jeff Mills in Almonte, we just scored a few more loads of dirt to enhance the pump track, which admittedly looks a little lame right now. Hey, it was two tri-axle loads of heavy wet clay and that was the best we could do on a hot summer day. No detailed plans yet, but we're going to be busy! Tune in to for updates and volunteering opportunities.

Almonte Riverside Trail

After two years of hard work, I'm excited to announce the opening of the Almonte Riverside Trail, a singletrack route for mountain biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing on the edge of Almonte. It's taken months of effort to clear brush, move dead trees, pull prickly ash, dig clay, and build stone bridges over muddy sections. A big thanks goes to the private property owners who've graciously allowed this trail to pass over their land, and to fellow mountain biker Phil Maier who has donated tons of time, materials, and now machinery to carve the trail. With more volunteers now offering their time, we are planning some exciting upgrades and additions to this trail to make it more entertaining for all users.

Even more exciting is the prospect of extending the trail to the Mill of Kintail. I'm in discussions with Mississippi Valley Conservation Area staff and landowners about access over their lands, which if successful could add another few kms to the Riverside Trail.

Check out the map and trail info.

For updates on the trail and more general info on adventure options in the Almonte area, check out our new website. I may move my dualsport updates to Almonte Outdoors so all the fun is in one spot.